Our gift cards come in all sizes
Send a Sticks'n'Sushi gift card complete with personalised greeting. Use it to pay when ordering with us and convert the gift card to a sushi debit card by adding funds to the card at any time

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Our gift cards can be bought and used in any of our restaurant locations and online on sticksnsushi.com

The gift card is valid for three years from the date of purchase or from the date of the latest top up of the card

If you lose a gift card, if you want to merge two gift cards or if you have any questions at all - please email us here.

This voucher is valid for three years from the date of purchase or from the last time you have put money into it.

2. Choose number of gift cards

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  • more10

2. Choose gift card amount

£ 50

The gift card is valid within three years and can be used for takeaway
or in great company in our restaurants.

3. Choose your favorite gift card design

  • Gift card

  • Kids card

4. Order gift card

Where should we send the gift card?

To me or my company

Directly to a recipient with a greeting


You are about to order 10 gift cards worth -.

If you would like us to send the gift cards to multiple addresses, we would be happy to do so.
Please write to us at [email protected] after you have completed your order.

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